郷土資料室|Local Heritage Exhibition

Blessed with abundant water resources and nature, Akishima has nurtured diverse history and culture since ancient times. This exhibition hall features the local artifacts and works that reflect the history of Akishima, taking an ICT approach as well.



Visual Map and Timeline of Akishima

Using the 86 inch touchscreen, the information of the attractive historical sites and nature is accessible, arranged by area and period.
Akishima Plate Movies

Two stories are shown on the giant screen by finding and touching the key item to each story. (The movies are available in Japanese only.)
  • 《上映作品》
  • ・蘇(よみがえ)るアキシマクジラ ~ 200万年の時を超えて ~|"The Reviving Akishima Whale: Beyond the Time of 2 million Years"
  • ・くらしと水の物語 ~ 多摩川と湧水 ~|"The Story of Life and Pure Water: The Tama River and Spring Water"
アキシマエンシス デジタルライブラリ
Akishimaensis Digital Library

The information of the local folk tools exhibited at Koshato Bldg, and the 3D image view of regionally representative artifacts are available.
あきしまの古環境 ~ 200万年前の昭島の生き物たち ~
Palaeoenvironment of Akishima: Local Creatures Dating Back 2 Million Years

This exhibtion introduces the fossils of plants and animals dicovered in Akishima, along with a picture showing how Akishima was 2 million years ago, based on the result of the research on the Tama riverbed.
Let Your Mind Wander through the Changing Times

The local history can be traced through the exhibited materials reflecting the ancestors' life and religion that co-existed with the abundant spring water and the Tama river.
Let Your Mind Wander through the Handcrafted Shapes

This exhibition provides a glimpse into ancient handcraft creation, featuring the Jomon pottery.
Let Your Mind Wander through the Festivals Galore

This exhibition introduces the attractive cultural heritage of the traditional festivals across this city by making regular changes to the display.
Annex Exhibition at Koshato Bldg.

The precious materials such as local folk tools are exhibited here. Please contact staff at Local Heritage Exhibition Hall if you would like to visit this exhibition.


※ こちらの利用カレンダーは、「フリーカレンダー」(外部サイト)を使用しています。日付をクリック(タップ)すると、外部サイトへのリンク画面が表示されることがあります。
※ This calendar is available in Japanese only.

  • 【開室時間】
    * 郷土資料室(国際交流教養文化棟1階)
    ・火~金 10:00 - 20:00
    ・土日祝 10:00 - 18:00
  • * 郷土資料展示室1・2・3(校舎棟3階)
    ・火~日・祝 10:00 - 17:00
    ※ 郷土資料展示室1・2・3をご覧になりたい方は、国際交流教養文化棟の郷土資料室スタッフまでお申し出ください。

  • 【休室日】

  • ※ 郷土資料室・郷土資料展示室は、両室ともに入場無料です。
  • ※ 団体見学をご希望の方は、郷土資料室のスタッフまでご相談ください。休室日の月曜日(祝日の場合は翌平日)も、受け付けています。

  • 【Opening Hours】
    * Local Heritage Exhibition Hall (1st Floor of International Exchange and Culture Bldg.)
    ・Tue - Fri: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    ・Sat, Sun & Holidays: 10 a.m. -6 p.m.
  • * Annex Exhibition (3rd Floor of Koshato Bldg.)
    ・Tue - Sun, & Holidays: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    ※ Please contact staff at Local Heritage Exhibition Hall if you would like to visit the annex exhibition.

  • 【Days Closed】
    ・Monday (or the following weekday if Monday is a national holiday), Year-end and New Year's Holidays, and Special Inventory Period

  • ※ Admission to both exhibitions is free.
  • ※ Please consult with us if you would like to pay a group visit. This service is also available on the days we are closed.



* 昭島市郷土資料室・郷土資料展示室
〒196-0012 昭島市つつじが丘3-3-15 アキシマエンシス 国際交流教養文化棟1階
TEL:042-543-1523 (市民図書館共通)
FAX:042-542-8002 (市民図書館共通)
* 昭島市教育委員会 生涯学習部 アキシマエンシス管理課 文化財係
〒196-0012 昭島市つつじが丘3-3-15 アキシマエンシス 国際交流教養文化棟
* Local Heritage Exhibition Hall & Annex Exhibition
[Reception Desk]
1st Floor of International Exchange and Culture Bldg. of Akishimaenis, 3-3-15 Tsutsujigaoka, Akishima City, Tokyo (Postal Code: 196-0012)
Phone: 042-543-1523
Fax: 042-542-8002
(These numbers are shared with Akishima Civic Library.)
* Section for Cultural Heritage, Akishima City Board of Education
International Exchange and Culture Bldg. of Akishimaenis, 3-3-15 Tsutsujigaoka, Akishima City, Tokyo (Postal Code: 196-0012)
Phone: 042-519-5717
Fax: 042-519-7456
(These numbers are available when the exhibition is closed.)